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Bulbine natalensis

Bulbine natalensis is a hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant, succulent plant with bright-green, softly-fleshy leaves that form a basal rosette.

Genus Bulbine
Species natalensis

We harvest Bulbine natalensis products in bulk for the pharmaceutical as well as the homeopathic industry. 

A nature’s own product 

Products produced from the Bulbine natalensis plant: 


  • Fresh root
  • Dried and sliced root
  • Dried and shredded root
  • Powder




Bulbine natalensis has been successfully used for the treatment of:


  • Bulbine Natalensis, an aphrodisiac herb of South Africa, improves testosterone level, boosts libido and reduce estrogen.
  • Bulbine Natalensis plant is succulent plant, so its leaves contain a sap, which is useful in cracked lips and burns. Its sap is applied over the affected skin.



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