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Gowar Enterprises Suppliers of Natures Own Natural Ingredients Aloe Ferox, Pelargonium Sidoides, Bulbine Natalensis and many more. 


Fully permitted holding a Biotrade Permit as well as a Export Certificate. Supplying Local Pharmaceutical companies as well as Exporting all over the world 

Our mission: is to create customer satisfaction through quality and efficiency and becoming the preferred supplier of natural ingredients thereby enhancing the socio-economic position of the poor rural communities.

Gowar Enterprises is a business that trades in and supplies the market with natural ingredients derived from medicinal plants. Among the products that we supply are Aloe ferox (Cape Aloe) both the 8-14% and 18-23% Aloin qualities, Pelargonium sidoides (Umckaloabo) and Bulbine natalensis (ibhucu, rooiwortel).  The supply is either in raw form, for the client to process, or it is processed in-house to the clients specifications.

Harvesting of natural ingredients has taken place over many years in the Eastern Cape  as well as in the former Ciskei areas. Harvesters have been sustainable harvesting and supplying the natural ingredients since the 1960’s without any detriment or damage to the natural ingredients as a whole. REW Gowar trading as Gowar Enterprises has been supporting the harvester's community since 1971 by purchasing the natural ingredients from the harvesters.

Gowar Enterprises holds a Bioprospecting and Export permit through working with and in framework of the Nagoya Protocol system: as set up through  Benefit sharing Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements leading to community development.  The harvesting of natural ingredients has a proven track record of being successfully sustainable source of income for members of the community and improving socio-economic conditions within these areas .

We work very directly with our poor rural communities who now have the opportunity as being registered harvesters – this creates employment and elevates poverty within these communities of the Eastern Cape many of which take part in the sustainable monitored harvesting projects.

This system of direct access and collection from harvesters allows for control of product, tractability and supervision. By controlling and managing the harvesting and collections trace ability of material is possible until the final stage of production.

We are unique in that we source our products direct from harvester are in direct communication and contact with our communities as harvesters and finally we process and supply direct to the customer locally or international.

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